June Update

June saw us get together for our penultimate meet up before we take a well earned summer break !

Sadly our speaker failed to turn up this month and so we had a round table discussion on various matters affecting landlords and the rental sector in general.

Two matters which were highlighted in particular was the fact that there is now an updated version of the How to Rent. In effect this means that anyone who rents out property in England has to ensure their tenants are provided with the most up to date version of this document. If you’ve failed to provide one to your tenants then you are unable to serve a Section 21 notice to evict ! In such an instance you would need to serve the document out of time and then issue your Section 21 notice.

The other point worthy of note is that Kent Reliance are now offering a same day remortgage. Previously Kent Reliance would only allow borrowers to remortgage with them if they had owned the property for a minimum of six months. This change will primarily benefit customers who had to purchase a property within a limited timescale such as at auction or those who have used bridging finance.