Welcome to January 2017 !

Robin Brooks was our main speaker at our first Property Meet of 2017.

Richard reminded everyone that self assessment tax returns are due by the end of January. He then went on to highlight an e-mail that they had received from a lady by the name of Sarah Jones, a producer who is currently working on a new series for the BBC. She is currently looking for successful landlords to feature in their brand new 3 part documentary series for BBC One, which explores what it means to be a landlord in 2016. The aim of the show is for it to be a journey which allows landlords to improve their knowledge of the rental market and their own properties, by experiencing it firsthand. This would involve them living in one of their own rental properties and living on the budget of the tenants who would usually reside there. Rich and Susie had kindly declined the offer to be involved, but had agreed to mention it at the Property Meet, to see if any of the other landlords in the group would be interested in taking part.

Susie informed everyone that for the forthcoming year there has been a slight change in that Watts Commercial Finance had kindly agreed to make a donation to charity in lieu of their monthly update, instead of buying the teas and coffees. As a result they had decided to nominate two charities to benefit from any fundraising which they take part in for 2017, namely Hope House Hospice and Blind Veterans UK. At the moment Richard has entered a total of seven trail runs ranging from 5K to a half marathon as well as Delamere Commando Trail ! Susie is taking part in the Chain Runner event and the Delamere Commando Trail. If anyone wishes to join in these events they are more than welcome to just contact Susie !

Darren from Watts Commercial Finance ran through some of the deals that he has ongoing at the moment. There is lots of funding available for out of the ground developments. Lenders have the appetite if the numbers are right, with no venture being too big or too small.

Should anyone wish to contact Mark or Darren their contact details are as follows:-

Mark Heywood

E-mail:- mark@watts-commerical.co.uk

Tel:- 07855 217508

Darren Byrne

E-mail:- darren@watts-commercial.co.uk

Tel:- 07880 198353

Robin Brooks was welcomed to the property meet.

Robin spoke about the power of networking and how this can have a positive impact in lots of different ways, as well as the impact that a residual/passive income can have on people’s lives.

He went on to talk about how important it is to continue to develop yourself as a person as you go through life. Moreover personal development can not only have a big impact on your own life, but on that of your family too. He highlighted the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki as being a great book to read if you haven’t already done so !

Please see our ‘Resources’ page for any further recommended reading 🙂