WPM – October’s Meet

Simon Dunn from Aspray Ltd was our main speaker at the October Property Meet.

Richard gave an update regarding the Judicial Review in relation to Section 24 (forthcoming tax changes affecting landlords) in that this had failed and the legal route to challenge the introduction of this had now ended. People can however, continue to lobby their local MP’s regarding this. In relation to HMO’s the government is planning to extended the rules relating to mandatory licensing in England by removing the 3 storey rule. This would mean that any property which has 5 or more people living in it, over any number of floors would fall under these rules.

Having recently attended the Property Show at the ExCel in London he had become aware of a scheme called ‘Reposit.’ This can be used where a tenant hasn’t got sufficient money to pay the deposit and first month’s rent up front. Instead they can pay the company the equivalent to one weeks rent and the company will cover up to 6 weeks rent for any damages, etc caused to the property. If you utilise this service then the deposit protection rules don’t apply.

Finally it is the Wrexham Landlords Forum on the 3rd November at the Catrin Finch Centre in Glyndwr University.

Simon Dunn from Aspray Ltd in Chester explained as a FCA registered loss assessor he deals with property insurance claims as well as the reinstatement of properties on behalf of the property owner. In doing so he always works in the interests of the policy holder. This is in comparison to a loss adjustor, who works on behalf of the insurance company and who will always seek to repudiate any insurance claim. Simon’s services are free and allow the property owner to save themselves both time and hassle in sorting out any claim. He employs contractors to rectify any damage to a property. The insurance company has set rates and the contractors have their own rates and he makes his money off the difference between the two rates.

As a company they work on domestic and commercial properties and they also cover business interruption.

Once agreement has been reached with the insurance company, Simon then project manages all of the work that’s required to repair the property. In doing so any contractors are fully vetted by him. He advised that when a landlord is looking to obtain insurance for their property or properties they should go through a broker. It is also a good idea to ensure that any policy covers you for ‘trace and access’ in the case of a water leak.

As a company they find work through referrals and networking and are always looking for people to become introducers for their business.

Should anyone wish to contact Simon, his contact details are:-

Tel:- 07715 659768

E-mail:- simondunn@aspray.com